Kriega 3L veemahuti koos voolikuga Vaata täismõõdus

Kriega 3L veemahuti koos voolikuga

Sobib kasutamiseks koos R15, R20 ja R25 seljakottidega

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Manufactured by Hydrapak for Kriega, the reservoir option includes an insulated drink-tube with 90 degree bend bite-valve and velcro tube management component:
Reversible for easy clean/dry - essential feature that keeps the reservoir in top condition, time after time. Other features include a removable(dry-break) drink-tube with the touch of a button and a super wide-fill opening to allow easy reservoir-fill outside of the rucksack.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Turn inside out, wash and dry. Complete drying is the only way to ensure no microbial growth. This is easy with the Hydrapak system as it is the only reservoir on the market that can be turned inside out.

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